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BGA Chip Flux

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BGA Chip and Flux

we are offering best and most perfect quality assortments of BGA Chip and Flux. These machines are acquired from best vendors of this realm. These chips are acquired from best vendors of the market. These chips are quality assured and tested. They are used in mother boards in machines. They are durable.


1. Choose imported high - precision materials (temperature sensor, PLC, heater) to control the BGA disordering & soldering procedures precisely.
2. Top & bottom temperature areas heat independently and it can set up 8 rising temperature segments and 8 constant temperature segments to control. It can save 10 groups of temperature curves at same time.
3. This machine can be connected to a computer to be controlled more conveniently with a built-in PC serial port and proprietary software attached to it.
4. Choose imported high - precision thermocouple to detect the top/bottom temperature precisely.
5. After finishing disordering & soldering, there is an alarming. The machine is equipped with a vacuum suction pen to facilitate the removing of BGA after disordering

We have listed price of following chips as these are in great demands. This may be subject to change.

IC LIST Price(per chip)
G86-630-A2 Rs 1300
G86-730-A2 Rs 1300
MCP67-MV-A2 Rs 2400
NF-G6150-NA2 Rs 1300
MCP-77MVA2 Rs 1950
NFG6100-NA2 Rs 1900
GFG07200-B-N-A3 Rs 2300
NF-G07300-NA2 Rs 2300
NF0G6100-430-NAc Rs 750
NVidia 7400 Rs 2300
ATI 216-0674026 Rs 1300
ATI 216-0707011 Rs 1300
ATI 216-0729042 Rs 1300

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