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Bios Programmer

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Bios Programmer

Bios Programmer is used for laptop and desktop motherboard bios programming. It is simple to use and very cost effective. We check first Bios files then repair or install a new bios file for proper working. We are the dealer of Bios Programmer in Bangalore and we give the best price online of this device. Advance also give service and support of bios Programmer.

1. Choose imported high - precision materials (temperature sensor, PLC, heater) to control the BOA disordering & soldering procedures precisely.
2. Top & bottom temperature areas heat independently and it can set up 8 rising temperature segments and 8 constant temperature segments to control it can save 10 groups of temperature curves at same time
3. This machine can be connected to a computer to be controlled more conveniently with a built-in PC serial port and proprietary software attached to it
4. Choose imported high - precision thermocouple to detect the top/bottom temperature precisely, 5 Top & bottom heating can be controlled independently by the temperature graphs. A cross - flow fan cools rapidly to protect the PCB from deformation when welding
5. After finishing disordering & soldering, there is an alarming the machine is equipped with a vacuum suction pen to facilitate the removing of BOA after disordering

We offer the following bios reprogramming and BIOS REPLACEMENT service:
BIOS Repair service
BIOS REPLACEMENT service,br> BIOS Replacement service
BIOS reprogramming service
Flash BIOS service
Pre-programmed BIOS Chip
Soldered BIOS Repair Service
Notebook and laptop BIOS REPLACEMENT service

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