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CPU Tester

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CPU Tester

We can test signals of motherboard by using CPU Socket tester. We also use this device for checking the open circuit and short circuit of BGA as well as CPU socket. Engineers also use traditional complex testing methods but this tester give result every pins accurately. When we are changing the BGA Bridge, Cpu Socket tester determine the connection of BGA by the LED on the mother board.
We are the dealer of CPU Socket tester in Delhi and we give the best price online of this device.

1. Measure rich DC parameters of manifold semiconductors, e.g. diode, transistor, controlled silicon, FET.
2. Measure capacitor, varistor, DC voltage signal source
3. Measure 78 and 79 three terminal voltage regulator
4. Data hold, low battery warning
5. Complete with carry case and six 1.5V AA batteries
6. High accuracy
7. Compact design
8. Suitable for CPU Sockets

General Characteristics of the CPU Tester that we offer:
Power: AA 1.5V*6(UM3)
Product size: 150*100*70mm
Product Net Weight: 680g
Standard Accessories: Leather Case
Standard individual packing: gift box

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