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Digital Multimeter

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Digital Multimeter

The Digital Multimeter is a five function analog multimeter and battery tester. This product is ideal for automotive home or shop use. It features 16 ranges. Complete operating instructions are included. The Digital Multimeter uses one "AA" battery, which is included.

  • 5 function analog multimeter and battery tester
  • Features 16 ranges
  • Instructions included
  • "AA" battery included

1. Measure rich DC parameters of manifold semiconductors, e.g. diode, transistor, controlled silicon, FET.
2. Measure capacitor, varistor, DC voltage signal source
3. Measure 78 and 79 three terminal voltage regulator
4. Data hold, low battery warning
5. Complete with carry case and six 1.5V AA batteries
6. High accuracy
7. Compact design
8. Suitable for CPU Sockets

General Characteristics of the Digital Multimeter that we offer:
Power: AA 1.5V*6(UM3)
Product size: 150*100*70mm
Product Net Weight: 680g
Standard Accessories: Leather Case
Standard individual packing: gift box

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