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Laptop Repairing Institute in Bhopal

chip level laptop repair training course

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Chip Level Laptop Repairing Course in Bhopal.

Advance is one of the Best Laptop Repairing Institute in Bhopal. We offer Laptop Repairing which is designed from Basic to advanced level with all latest Technologies currently flowing in the market.

Advance Institute aims to provide professional touch to the students. The course structure is designed to fully practical to get the in enhance and latest technical knowledge of the laptop repairing with all advanced tools and machines.

In order to be able to repair latest Touch laptops, candidate needs to have an in-depth and Basic knowledge of the working of various Laptop, and all their internal components. so we start our course from basic to advanced level that easily grapped by all students from various field. A Laptop Repairing Course in Bhopal from Advance Institute is the best way in order to become an expert in this field. Our Chip Level repair training programme in Bhopal is a package of various laptops repairing lessons and which are taught by professionally experts who have lots of experience and knowledge of repairing laptpos.

Each and every parts of laptop repair course covers about all major fault that various laptops are likely to develop, showing you how to identify the problem occurs in various laptops and how to repair or replace the faulty parts. Our laptop course is a simple and easy way to learn everything that you need to about how laptops work and how to be able to fix them.

What do we provide in the laptop repair classes in Bhopal?

  • Systematic organized sessions for theory & practical classes.
  • Live repairing project on problem-based training.
  • Different labs for practical and tracing classes or Software and hardware classes.
  • Installation & learning repairing on advanced machines (SMD, Hot Air Gun, DC Power Supply)
  • Complete motherboard identification and chip-level tracing session.
  • Placement Assistance and online Support for Business
  • 10 Years of Industry Experience with a team of skilled professors.
  • Fast Track + Regular Batches with hostel facility.

Syllabus of Computer Hardware and laptop Chip Level Repair Training Course

Module-1 Basic of Computer

Information of Computer operating System, Essence of control panel, Information of Device Manager, Computer Configuration, Pan drive bootable and installation.
Computer Backup, Information of Computer Virus, How to remove virus from Computer, Software Installation, Card Recovery, Data recovery memory card /pan drive /HDD.
Password breaking mini-xp/safe mode, Use of DM, Driver pack information, Bios Information, Formatting of Xp , win7, win8 win 10, How to download Software from Internet, Team viewer online support.

Module-2 Computer Hardware with advanced tools

Information of Multimeter & its Testing, Work & Testing all components Pf, Resistance, coil, fuse, condenser, mosfet etc, Knowledge of Ports & Connectors.
All IC Information, Types, Work, Pin Identification of Motherboard, Types of Motherboard & Processor, Types of RAM & Supply, Information of cable connection.
Assembling of Desktop Machine, SMPS Supply, Voltage Measurement, Testing, Block Diagram of Motherboard, Dead System Related Parts & Solutions.
VGA Related Parts & Solutions, USB Related Parts & Solutions, Sound Related Parts & Solutions, Hang Related Parts & Solutions, Auto off Related Parts & Solutions.
Formatting Error & solutions, Slow Processing Problem & Solutions, Blue Screen Error & Solutions, Restart Problem & Solutions, How to Operate SMD.
Chip Components Replace, Jumper, condenser, mosfet Replace.

Module-3 Chip Level Hardware Module of LAPTOP

Information of Laptop Parts, Track Repairing break & Short, Information of Display types & size, Laptop Charger Socket Types, Voltage & Ampere.
Assembling & Disassembling of Laptop, Dead System Related Parts & Solutions, Charging Related Parts & Solutions, Display Related Parts, Types of Problem & Solutions.
USB Related Parts & Solutions, Sound Related Parts, Types of Problem & Solutions, Auto off Related Baleshwar parts & Solutions, Backlight Related Parts & Solutions.
Touchpad Problem & Solutions, Keyboard Problem, Types of Problem & Solutions, Heating Related Parts & Solutions, Camera Related Parts & Solutions.
System Backup & Types of Process, Operate Bios Programmer, How to Operate VGA Machine , Work on Flat IC, Work on VGA IC Removing, Reballing, Replacing.

Module-4 Tracing Fault Finding Computer & Laptops

No display problem solution, Dead motherboard problem solution, Automatic Restarting error repairing.
Hanging problem of laptop and desktop, Charging & discharging faults of laptops, Dim screen faults solution.
Automatic off problem, Date and time error, Blue screen, Heating faults of laptop and desktop.
Fan not working faults of laptop & computer, Motherboard Shorting faults, Leakage problem, USB not working faults.
Hard disk not working, Error from Webcam camera, Wi-Fi not working problem, Sound related faults solution.
Network related problem, Laptop Touchpad not working, Keyboard not working faults of laptop & desktop.
Bluetooth and card reader problem, White screen faults of laptops, Hinge repair of laptops.

Advanced Chip Level Repairing With Advanced Tools and Machines

  • BGA MACHINE: How to work on BGA machine for Chip Re-balling Graphic chip, Pch chip, North bridge chip, South bridge chip
  • BIOS PROGRAMMER: How to use BIOS programmer for reprogramming Laptop bios chip, Desktop bios chip, Lcd, Led TV Bios chips.
  • CRO MACHINE: How to use CRO Machine for checking all signal on motherboard like reset signal, clock signal, bios signal and frequency?
  • DC POWER SUPPLY MACHINE: Use of DC Power Supply Machine for varrious voltage checking of laptops and Desktop motherboard.
  • DIAGNOSTIC CARD: Use of Diagnostic card for faults checking error code of laptops and Desktop motherboard.
  • CPU SOCKET TESTER: How to use CPU socket tester?
  • RAM TESTER: How to use ram slot tester?