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Smart LCD LED TV Repairing Course in Tumkur

why are we best?

Recently Advance Institute Launched a newly designed advanced techniques based programme for Smart LCD LED TV Repairing Course in Tumkur, This Course also provided the job security from our institutes. we are always admired to dedicate the students to master all course provided by us to secure their potential job among the pool of jobs. we also launch the employment counseling or service center classes, In which students are guided by the expert counselors in business training and self-employment.

what can we do?

The best LCD LED Smart TV repairing institute in Tumkur strives a lot to provide its students with several potential benefits and support to establish their successful career. Various industrial seminars are organized by us to provide the students' information on the latest and smart techniques of repairing LCD LED TV in Tumkur.

Course Types or Duration?

The students are offered crash courses, weekend classes, fast track courses, short term courses and more. The course length varies from 10 days to 6 months. Before start student's Training, we provide them the free trial classes, if they are satisfied in it then they can continue their training.

we provide:

1. live practical training,
2. hostel and PG facility,
3. online expert help and regular batches.
4. India's Best Trainer,
5. 2500+ job placement cell all over India
6. Job Guarantee.

Course Module?

  • Aware of the basic introduction of various TVs like LED TV, LCD TV, CRT TV.
  • Learn about the various functions of Led/Lcd TVs
  • Recognize various Electronics components in different LCD LED TVs.
  • Distinctness between Smart LED TV's and LCD TV's working.
  • Use of multimeter in the testing of various fault in Smart TVs.
  • Learn how to Use SMD and Soldering Iron Machine
  • Learn to remove and fix various components and IC from the motherboard of LCD LED TVs.
  • Learn to remove all type of jack, port, socket, and connector with the help circuit diagrams.
  • Learn to find or check faulty electronics components like resistor, diode, capacitor and various ICs.
  • Advanced training with the help of Block diagram of Led/Lcd TV and smart TV with different faults.
  • Know about the power circuit of various Led and Lcd TV models.
  • Learn how to assemble& disassemble various Led or Lcd TV
  • Identification and testing of all components.
  • About LCD & LED TV Technology.
  • How to Replace all Normal & SMD Component.
  • How to Replace all types of Socket & Jack.
  • Panel Mapping, STB Circuit, Protection Circuit, Useful Equipment & tools, Schematic Diagram, Test Point, Shortcut tricks etc.
  • Bios Upgrading (Main Board, Tcon Board, Panel Epprom) & Bios Related fault How to Resolve it.
  • White Screen, Rainbow Screen, Negative Picture, Mirror image, Reverse image, Lining in image etc, COF, COG, COP, Side Coff, Tab & About Bounding of Coff.
  • What are Non HD, HD, Full HD, and How to Configure Each other?
  • Panel Bypass New Method (No Need to Replace Coff if Possible).
  • Power Supply (SMPS) How to fix faulty Power Supply Board, Main Board (Logic card), Backlight Card (Inverter Board & LED Driver Circuit)
  • Learn about the testing of Main board of LED LCD Smart TV
  • Learn of the testing of T-con board of various Smart TVs
  • Learn of the testing of Power supply circuit and their repairing solutions
  • Learn how to trace all voltage of various Lcd and Led TV
  • How to test and repair screen of Smart Tvs and learn to repair them with advnaced tools and methods.
  • learn how to fix the problems of TV Invertor and power circuit board with practical manner of modern repairing.
  • Learn how to use different tools in order to find major problems in LCD LED TV and learn to repair them with the help of latest tools and device.
  • Aware regularly with the Bios update & flash with bios programmer.
  • Know about the full function detail of Led LCD Smart TV remote
  • Learn the procesdure to check logic card in LED TV.
  • Basic details and fault finding tracing for various componenets in LCD's LED's motherbord like : Resistor, capacitor, diode, mosfet, transistor, coil, ic/chip, crystal, jumper, fuse, thermistor, Ic/chip, priset, switch, speaker.